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Pieces of panels, arranged neatly together, facing the sun, inclined at a certain angle, form a photovoltaic square matrix, they shine in the sun and convert solar energy into electrical energy, and are connected to the grid to achieve and Grid power generation.In other words, user has two electricity meters, one electricity meter is the electricity provided by the State Grid Power Supply Company, and the other electricity meter is electricity produced by photovoltaic power generation.


It is interesting that the electricity generated by photovoltaic power generation during the day can be used immediately in the research building, and if it is not used up, it can be sold to the grid company in real time.

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How to test the electricity generated by solar photovoltaic panels economically and simply? At present, the power station is an overall test. Simply put, it is to install an electricity meter to see which power generation is large.


Energy saving and measurement are inseparable. Solar panels with electric energy meters make lighting/charging easier, especially in remote areas. In this case, the solar panel and smart meter can perfectly match and measure the amount of electricity output by the solar panel, which is very beneficial for users to manage electricity and funds.


In the year of 2020, the fire in Australia, the COVID-19 broke in Wuhan of China, which is the warning from environment. Using new energy is good for public health. With using solar panel and energy meter, the history of electricity will be changed and replaced by more and more new energy.