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Residential Area

Electricity consumption is often seen as a "barometer" of how the economy is doing, and demand for electricity is rising as the pandeimproves.So how many kinds of electricity do you really know?What is residential electricity?

According to the nature of electricity consumption, there are generally four types of electricity consumption: 1.residential electricity 2.general industrial and commercial electricity (commodity sales, storage, hotels, restaurants, cafes, finance, certificates, insurance); 3.Power consumption for industrial use;4.Electricity for agricultural production.Some cities also classify the electricity used by non-residents for lighting (government offices, military units, hospitals, kindergartens, welfare homes, nursing homes, schools, street lamps, etc.), and agricultural drainage and irrigation are also divided separately.There is a more detailed breakdown among the categories, which all have different electricity tariffs, and some have preferential tariffs.

Residential Area

Resident electricity is luxury life electricity consumption, it includes scope to have: dweller family life illuminates;The electricity used by ordinary household appliances such as cooking, baking, heating, air conditioning, electric heating equipment (regardless of phase and capacity), and other non-commercial household appliances.Its core is that this electricity is not profit nature, is solely for the living needs of the residents.


Whether you buy a house or rent a house, you get electricity bills every week/month/year, and sometimes you wonder how much kwh we use until now? Are they correct? IVY hereby to solve these problems and make you get rid of worries.


Most of all suspension meter and din rail meter are designed for residential area, WIFI series online payment meter are designed for rental house.Same time the users can also match an in-home display (IHD) or customer interface unit(CIU) to check the power consumption & balanced credit at any time. They can also be connected into smart home system for a smarter life.

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