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Power Generation

When the power grid is damaged in natural disasters such as typhoons and rainstorms, the power supply to homes and shelters will also be cut off. In order to improve and solve this situation, many internationally renowned enterprises are now vigorously researching and developing the mobile power generation/power output system -- Moving E

Moving E can be used as a "phase-free" system (not only during normal times, but also in emergency situations using the same concepts of products and services) to power the affected area in the event of a disaster, but also during normal times for routine use.

Power Generation

Even people also use ordinary generator when power failure. They will need to measure the power, but general energy meter is 220V 230V with VAC area. Then how to measure the DC? Such high power? -we published DC type din rail meter which can measure up to 40-400VDC with wide range 5(240)A. With the popularity of IOT IOE, our meter such as D613001 also combine RS485 for smart metering.

If you are engaged with power generation, no matter it's solar panel or battery, we have strong confidence that we can help you to make metering easy and fun. Common wonderful life is what we pursue exactly.

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