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1. Introduction ZD1B9002 is a smart connector/sensor for voltage monitoring of LV main switchboard , it can measure active energy, reactive ...

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  • 1. Introduction

    ZD1B9002 is a smart connector/sensor for voltage monitoring of LV main switchboard , it can measure active energy, reactive energy, power,AC voltage of each phase, AC current of each phase, power factor, frequency, harmonic... It also equipped with RS485 communication(Modbus-RTU protocol).


    2. Technical Parameter



    ES810E Smart Connector Sensor

    Operating Voltage

    DC 5V/50mA



    Detection Voltage


    Operation Temp.


    Relative Humidity



    Class 1

    Impulse Output





    RS485, Protocol: Modbus-RTU

    3. Function Description

    3.1 Electric Measuring Function 

    Can measure active/reactive energy,power,AC voltage of each phase,AC current of each phase,power factor,frequency,harmonic


    3.2 RS485 Function

    Support RS485 communication.

    Communicating with server and send data through RS485 Modbus serial port:

    *Server will adopt Readout function, request data from connector/sensor and obtain RS485 data string when normal status and internet non-fault status.

    *The connector sensor upstream to control center server for instananeous alarming, the initiative to report the abnormal when abnormal.

    *Adopt four-wire RS485, concentrator needs to provide power supply of 5V/50mA, if remove RS485 then the connector sensor can not work.


    3.3 Alarming Function

    9 LED status indicators, the left one LED1 is impulse indicator, the right 8 LEDs for status of 8 ways fuses, LED will blink when alarming.


    3.4 Switching Capacity Output (S)Function

    Max voltage 48V, max current 80mA,

    Alarming range: overvoltage,low voltage, over current, overload,THDU,THDI, over frequency, low frequency, low power factor etc.


    3.5 Voltage Input Terminals

    8 voltage input terminals which support to set the alarming voltage value when issues with fuse, 8 voltage input terminals and the connector sensor shall be same phase voltage and connected from the end of fuse.


    3.6 Temp. Measuring Function 

    Temperature sensing via chip (PS: just for reference of temperature changes,no accuracy info)