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1. Brief Introduction 1.1 OverviewThe multifunctional power sensor ES730T,adopts advanced ultra-low power large-scale integrated circuit technology ...

Multifunctional Sensor
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  • 1. Brief Introduction

    1.1 Overview

    The multifunctional power sensor ES730T,adopts advanced ultra-low power large-scale integrated circuit technology and high-tech products manufactured by SMT process. The key components are long-life components of international well-known brands to improve reliability and life of the product.The combined electric fire sensor ES730T is composed of safety monitoring unit and metering unit with RS485 communication function. In the safety monitoring, the built-in current transformer is used to monitor the remaining current, and the built-in temperature sensor is used to monitor the wire temperature. The meter has the advantages of high measurement accuracy, good stability, strong overload capacity and high reliability, widely used for monitoring & measuring safety parameters .


    1.2 Standards

    Complied with standards:

    GB14287.2-2014 electrical fire monitoring system-part 2: residual current electrical fire monitoring sensor

    GB14287.3-2014 electrical fire monitoring system part 3 Temperature-measuring electric fire sensor "

    IEC 62052 - 11 - 2003 electric measuring instrument. General requirements, test and test conditions-part 11 measuring instruments

    IEC 62052 - 21 - 2004 Electric quantity measuring equipment (AC) General requirements, tests and test conditions. Part 21: tariff and load control equipment


    1.3 Technical Parameters




    Remaining Current Measurement Range


    Recommend Range of Remaining Current


    Temp. Detection Range


    Temp. Alarm Range (No Alarm @ 0


    Accuracy Class


    Remaining Current Accuracy Class


    Temp. Accuracy Class

    ±2°C from−25°C to +100°C / ±3°C from−55°C to +125°C

    Remaining Current Response Time

    ≤ 1s

    Temp. Response Time

    < 40s

    Delay time when False Alarm


    Max Load Current






    Communication Protocol


    Communication Speed


    Operating Temp.

    -20℃ ~ 70℃

    Storage Temp.

    -50℃ ~ 80℃

    Operating Humidity

    0% ~ 90%, no condensation

    Storage Humidity

    0% ~ 95%,no condensation


    2. Basic Functions 

    2.1 Metering & Monitoring

    The multifunctional power sensor can measure, record and display the remaining current, wire temperature and other safety parameters of the circuit of the current equipment, as well as the operating parameters such as power, voltage, current, power factor and so on.


    2.2 LED & Backlight Indication

    The multifunctional power sensor uses three bright & long-life LED indicators with the following backlight display panel functions:

    -Relay indicator: red, which lights up only when the contacts of relay are closed .

    -Pulse indicator: flashes when the device is running at the load end, flashes more frequently with the greater the total power of the device, and does not flash when there is no load.

    -Backlight indicator: green, working properly; yellow, alarm event; red, alarm trip event


    2.3 Alarm & Control Function

    Alarm into 2 layer : alarm threshold & trip threshold with following types:


    Alarm Type



    Voltage Alarm

    Upper&lower limits, alarm when exceeds upper alarm value/ below lower alarm value


    Current Alarm

    Only upper limits, alarm when current exceeds upper alarm value


    Power Alarm

    Only upper limits, alarm when power exceeds upper alarm value


    Temp. Alarm

    Only upper limits, alarm when temp.exceeds upper alarm value


    Leakage Alarm

    Only upper limits, alarm when Leakage flow exceeds upper alarm value


    2.4 Remote Control Function

    Designed with 1 normally open contact and 1 normally closed contact, controlled by 3A relay. The relay indicator does not turn on by default, and when the relay is turned on, the indicator lights up. The functions are as follows:

    -normally closed contacts: the default state is closed, when an action command is received, it is converted to a disconnected state. External contactor, empty open can realize remote on-off function.

    -normally open contacts: the default state is disconnected, and when an action command is received, it is converted to a closed state. External contactor, empty open can realize remote on-off function.

    -Blue button: can switch the contact of relay via pressing the button.


    2.5 LCD Display

    2.5.1 Using large screen LCD to display voltage, current, active power, reactive power, power factor, frequency, active power, reactive power, leakage current, temperature, alarm code, date, time and other electrical parameters,intuitively and clearly .LCD is made of wide temperature material, the temperature range is (- 20 ≤ 70) ℃, and the liquid crystal polarizer is anti-ultraviolet function.


    LCD can display “variety of parameter settings “& measured data of used energy via keypad and  enter cyclic display mode automatically after 120 seconds when the keypad doesnt work .


    2.5.2 Access to the query interface, while the contents of any page can be modified by pressing the left and right buttons (the software version and device address cannot be set), and when modifying the parameters, if the password has not been successfully verified, a password needs to be entered. Correct can be modified, exit the query interface or 120s automatic exit password invalidation.