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ES210T Smart Sensor

1. Brief Introduction 1.1 OverviewThe multifunctional power sensor ES210T,adopts advanced ultra-low power large-scale integrated circuit technology ...

ES210T Smart Sensor
  • ES210T Smart Sensor
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  • 1. Brief introduction

    ES210T is Single Phase Din-rail multifunctional smart sensor. It also functions as a fire detector. This smart sensor is composed of safety monitoring unit and metering unit with RS485 communication function. The built-in current transformer is used to monitor the remaining current, and the built-in temperature sensor is used to monitor the wire temperature.


    The smart sensor has buzzar alarms when over-heating or overload. 3 LED indicators are available for showing relay on-off, load situation and operation status.


    2. Function description

    (1) Measurement of remaining current, wire temperature, other safety parameters of the circuit of the current equipment

    (2) Measurement of power, voltage, current and power factor

    (3) RS485 Communication 376.1 Protocol

    (4) 3 LED indicators for showing operation condition: relay indicator, impulse indicator and backlight indicator

    (5) 5 types of Buzzar alarm: voltage alarm, current alarm, power alarm, temperature alarm and leakage alarm

    (6) Internal magnetic latching relay for remote control

    (7) High accuracy in extremely high or low temperature

    (8) Complies with international standard IEC62052-11 and IEC62052-21


    3. Specifications/ technical parameters


    1 Phase 2 Wires Din Rail Multifunctional Power Sensor

    Reference Voltage



    5(100) A

    Remaining Current Measurement Range


    Recommend Range of Remaining Current


    Temp. Detection Range


    Temp. Alarm Range (No Alarm @ 0 ℃


    Accuracy Class


    Remaining Current Accuracy Class



    Temp. Accuracy Class

    ±2°C from−25°C to +100°C / ±3°C from−55°C to +125°C

    Max Load Current (Relay) 



    RS485 Communication


    Communication Protocol


    Communication Speed


    Operating Temp.


    Storage Temp.


    Operating Humidity

    0% ~ 90%, no condensation

    Storage Humidity

    0% ~ 95%, no condensation