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EV Charging

AC DC EV Charging Metering Solution

According to the charging method, charging piles are divided into three types: AC charging piles, DC charging piles, and AC-DC integrated charging piles.

AC charging pile: A power supply device that provides AC power for on-board charging of electric vehicles. In other words, it is slow charging. Generally, the output power of slow charging is relatively small, and it takes 5-8 hours to fully charge.

DC charging pile: a power supply device that provides low-power DC power for electric vehicles. That is what we often call fast charging. The output power of fast charging is large, and its charging power is large (60kw, 120kw, 200kw or even higher). The charging time only takes 30-120 minutes, which is relatively fast.AC-DC integrated charging pile: AC-DC integrated means that it can provide both DC charging and AC charging. Generally speaking, it is generally used less in the market because the cost is too high.

EV charging stations is an extension of the sub metering application. Each charging station has an energy meter that is approved for revenue metering. The user of the charging station is billed for their actual electrical usage.

According to the market demand of charging piles, IVY METERING has developed AC DC charging meters respectively. It can meet the different requirements of different charging piles for electric meters. For example AC energy meter of 0.25-5(30)A, 5(32)A, 5(40)A, 5(50)A, 5(80)A, 5(100)A-EM118089/90/91,EM519032/33/24.DC energy meter of 10-240A, 2000A, 1000Vdc-EM613001/005, EM619001/002

EV Charging

Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G for short) and Vehicle-to-Home (V2H) are two important examples of this evolution, with the charging station serving as a central regulator for the energy flows between the electric car, the distribution network, and the home. V2G technology enables users to effectively reduce the cost of using electric vehicles, and in the event of natural disasters, etc., V2G technology can also be used to use electric vehicles with power output functions as emergency power sources, which virtually increases the use of electric vehicles , so as to promote the production and sales of electric vehicles. For the power grid company, it can not only reduce the pressure of electricity consumption caused by the large-scale development of electric vehicles, but also use electric vehicles as energy storage devices to regulate loads, improve the efficiency and reliability of the power grid, and reduce the cost of energy storage construction for the power grid investment.As a smart grid technology, V2G describes the relationship between electric vehicles and the grid, and regards electric vehicles in a stopped state as distributed energy storage units. , through the two-way communication between the electric vehicle and the grid, the two-way energy flow between the electric vehicle and the grid is realized.

EV Charging

The charging pile needs to meet the V2G function, which will increase the requirements for the electric energy meter, and the IVY METERING charging pile electric meter can fully meet the requirements.

1. Bi-directional metering function

2. RS485 communication

3. Built-in battery and multi-tariff

4. MID approval

5. DIN rail, small size, easy to install

A variety of models are available, which can adapt to different requirements of different scenarios.

If you need EV charging meters, or are interested in MID bi-directional RS485 Modbus energy meters, welcome to visit our website.


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