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Energy saving means to "save energy and reduce consumption".

To realize energy saving, we need to start from the following aspects:

1.Replace the old with the new device-- improve energy efficiency, eliminate energy-consuming electrical equipment and replace it with advanced and efficient equipment, so as to improve the internal efficiency of electrical equipment honestly.

To replace and eliminate old and energy-consuming equipment by means of technological innovation, scientific and technological progress and the development of The Times, so as to achieve the purpose of energy conservation.

For example, replacing incandescent light bulbs with energy-saving lamps, replacing traditional electricity meters with high accuracy smart meters, and replacing AC motors with DC motors can all produce very significant energy saving benefits.

2.Improve the process -- improve the comprehensive utilization of energy.

3.Strengthen maintenance -- Reduce loss By adopting more advanced and scientific maintenance equipment and technology, reduce the loss of energy-using equipment and reduce the maintenance cost of energy-using equipment, so as to effectively reduce the energy consumption expenditure of enterprises.

4.Add energy saving device -- reduce energy consumption add frequency converter to achieve the purpose of electricity saving.


5.Off-peak power consumption -- reduce the cost and adjust the power consumption time reasonably, actively make use of the difference between peak and valley electricity prices, and transfer part or all of the peak power consumption time to the off-peak time.

In terms of air conditioning and refrigeration, ice storage technology can be used to transfer power consumption time. Although this method does not save electricity, it can save money by taking advantage of the difference in peak and valley electricity prices.

6.remote monitoring, computer science can use computer remote monitoring technology, monitoring of energy-using equipment in time, can use status, analyse and judge the operation state of energy-using equipment, scheduling energy load reasonably, can use the equipment in the prolonged state can best use, according to the principle of "required for" science can use, realize the terminal energy-using equipment scientific management and effective utilization of energy.

7.strengthen management - extensive publicity and education, enhance the awareness of energy conservation.

8.Start with big energy consumers then each filed.

Save today, survive tomorrow. IVY brand meter will focus on "new device" and insist on energy-saving with you.

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