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Airport, the human flow is large, the electricity hidden danger is big, the electric shock fire is easy to happen, and the personal property is easily threatened.The safety of electricity must not ignore the airport, dangerous electrical appliances, line aging, poor installation, reduced insulation, leakage and so on are relatively headache for the airport.

In the past, personnel were required to view the electrical areas and equipment such as TOC, air display equipment room, security information room, X-ray machine, and go deep into the kitchen of the terminal shop.Whether the distribution box capacity is matched with the actual load, whether the grounding and zero protection measures are firm and reliable, whether the power lines are connected in chaos, whether the power lines and switches can meet the peak load, etc., and can not pass any of the details related to the safety of electricity, the manpower and monitoring cost is very high. In a conclusion.


Characteristics of airport power load

1. High load

2. Large power consumption: large compound special-purpose public building

3. Complex load types: multiple load types, large fluctuation, and nonlinear

4. High safety requirements: flight safety and operation safety

5. Dispersed load: The airport area is large, the load is dispersed, and the power supply is far away

Customer demand:

· Safety: Stable power supply ensures the safe takeoff and landing of aircraft and the operation of the airport

· Environmental protection: reduce the overall energy consumption of the system, improve the electricity efficiency, and reduce the emission of pollutants

· High life: long service life, maintenance-free, durable

· Intelligent: automatic control, high compatibility, intelligent background system

Electrical measuring and fire monitoring solutions for centralized monitoring and protection of leakage faults and overtemperature, the fire detector ES210T ES730T with multi-functions such as voltage alarm,current alarm,power alarm,temperature alarm, leakage alarm and NB IOT communication. More details you can refer to http://www.ivy-emeter.com/html/firedetector-list.html

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