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1. Brief Introduction This is one of latest AMI system solution which combines almost all kinds of wireless communication, including Zigbee, PLC,...

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  • 1. Brief Introduction

    This is one of latest AMI system solution which combines almost all kinds of wireless communication, including Zigbee, PLC, GPRS and Wifi. IVY provides you the whole solution including smart meter, DCU and AMI system.


    It integrates remote reading, control and analysis function. This is the answer to your specific needs: from the reliable commercial meter to the complex measuring device with comprehensive additional functionality for advanced data acquisition and flexible tariff control.


    2. Technical Parameter



    Meter Type

    Three phases smart meter


    3 phases 4 wires

    direct type

    3 phases 4 wires

    CT type

    3 phases 4 wires

    CT and VT type

    3 phases 3 wires

    CT type


    Active 1.0,

    reactive 2.0

    Active 0.5,

    reactive 2.0

    Active 0.5,

    reactive 2.0

    Active 0.2,

    reactive 2.0







    Rated current(A)





    Rated frequency







    0.5w/5VA each


    0.5w/5VA each


    0.5w/5VA each


    0.5w/5VA each




    Infrared, RS485, PLC, Zigbee, GPRS

    Technical standard

    IEC62052-11:2003, IEC62053-21:2003, IEC62053-22: 2003, IEC62053-23:2003


    Working environment

    Normal operating temp: -10~+55Max operating temp: -25~+60Storage&transport temp. -25~+75

    Storage&operating humidity: <95%







    3. Function Description

    3.1 Main Features

    Additional auxiliary power supply to assure data reading during power down phases.

    Power quality monitoring functions with alarm and log features.

    Real-time alarm system.

    STS Standard token prepaid.

    Modular communication units provide the right choice for the best data channel at all times

    Plug and Play modules offer you full freedom of choice for deployment of new communication technologies.

    The utility can read, set meters remotely, which reduces the cost and save time of reading 4-Remotely or locally disconnect/connect load of users.

    The users can read energy consumption through the in home display which is installed in the house or other convenient places.

    Enhanced communication capability through DLMS protocol.

    High performance with low cost, it is the best option of AMI solution.


    3.2 Metering Function

    Measure and display current date and time;

    kWh; kvarh; Maximum kW and kvar demand; Cumulative kW and kvar demand; Instantaneous active and reactive power; Instantaneous voltage current and power factor.

    Time of using metering:

    Smart meter can be programmable to record import and export energies (kWh and kvarh) and import and export demand (kW and kvar) on different rates.


    3.3 Others

    Load profile function:

    Smart meter is able to record 15-minute three decimal points load profile data with 4 channels consisting total import kW, total import kvar and total export kvar demand.

    Meter registration:

    Smart meter can be registered with Data Concentrator Unit (DCU) of AMI Central System (consisting of Meter Data Management System (MDMS). Head End System and relevant systems and accessories) automatically.

    Automatic meter reading: Smart meter can transmit measured quantities to DCU or AMI system automatically.

    Remote load disconnect and reconnect:
    Smart meter has a remotely controllable disconnect/reconnect switch for supporting load limiting, load shedding and prepayment function.

    Tamper detection:

    Smart meter can detect and record attempted tampering event and also show alarm signal on LCD. And the tempering events can be sent to AMI system automatically.

    Prepayment function:

    Smart meter also support on-line prepayment function programmed remotely from AMI system and from local communication.

    Power outage monitoring:

    Smart meter can detect power outage and power restoration and record as an event.

    Demand response support:

    Smart meter is able to set kW and kvar demand and duration threshold remotely from AMI system and local communication.

    Power quality monitoring:

    Smart meter is configured to monitor and record power quality events including voltage unbalance, voltage sag and swell detection with configurable time threshold, long and short outage detection with configurable time threshold, phase loss and total harmonic distortion (THD) of voltage and current (only for transformer CT and VT operated 3 phase meter)

    Remote firmware upgrade and configuration:

    Smart meter supports remote firmware upgrade and remote configuration from AMI system.

    Backup power supply:

    Backup power supply is provided for keeping time in case of a power outage.

    The electronic energy meter has “Missing neutral” on its display and record energy even in absence of neutral wire not connected at incoming and outgoing. (option)

    The electronic energy meter is designed for display over voltage event in case the terminal voltage exceed 15% of operating voltage. (option)

    The smart meters provide 2-way communications with in-home devices. (option)


    Smart Meter (Single and Three Phase):

    Include all kinds of function for smart metering, which is the answer to your specific needs. With plug and play modules, it also offer you full freedom of choice for deployment of new communication technologies

    In Home Display(IHD):

    Receive and display the data from collector. The data will be displayed on the LCD. It is installed indoor where is easy to check the reading.


    It handles the communication between the head end system and smart metering. It reads metering data automatically and can send data to the system or store data for later retrieval by system. It transfers messages to and from the head end system using standard DLMS/COSEM communication protocol

    AMI system:
    Adopt international Protocol (DLMS/COSEM); Support both Windows & Linux; Line Loss Analysis; Meter Geographic Information System; Interface with other systems