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EM518010-02 Modbus Meter

1. Brief Introduction This is a three-phase four-wire din rail installation metering device with infrared and RS485 communication (DLT645-1997/DLT645...

EM518010-02 Modbus Meter
  • EM518010-02 Modbus Meter
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  • 1. Brief Introduction                                                    

    This is a three-phase four-wire din rail installation metering device with infrared and RS485 communication (DLT645-1997/DLT645-2007/ModBus three protocols compatible), built-in 90A relay. It can directly and accurately measure the rated frequency of 50Hz in the three-phase AC power grid The consumption of active electric energy of the load. It has the characteristics of good reliability, small size, light weight, beautiful appearance and convenient installation.


    2. Technical Parameter                                                   

    Ref. voltage


    Ref. current


    Impulse constant


    LCD display


    Operation temp.


    Average humidity


    Maximum humidity


    Ref. frequency


    Accuracy class

    Active Cl.1, reactive Cl.2

    Starting current


    Power consumption

    1W, <7VA


    With anti-creeping logic design


    3. Function Description                                                  

    3.1 Metering Function

    3.1.1 Support active and reactive energy measurement;

    3.1.2 Accurately measure forward and reverse currents;


    3.2 Communication Function

    3.2.1 RS485, infrared communication;


    3.3 Displaying Function

    3.3.1 Display of voltage, current, power and energy;

    3.3.2 You can display data in two methods:

    a. Automatically display data on page for every 3s

    b. View data through external buttons;

    3.4 Other Function

    3.4.1 Standard Din rail installation;